Lens Design



AllenEye.com is dedicated to providing the highest level of personal attention and assistance. Whether it is a single vision, progressive, trifocal, or occupation lens, our opticians educate our patients on the best lens for their vision and lifestyle needs. Our goal is to provide our patients of all ages with an exceptional experience while educating them on the best lens design to meet their needs.

Occupational Lenses
Do you spend hours a day with one…two…three monitors…and a smartphone…and a….? There are custom lenses that help reduce eye stress due to the substantial time on our technology. Ask our staff how our occupational lenses can help solve this problem!

SHAW Lenses
Ever had glasses where the prescription didn’t feel just right for your vision? You may have had different prescriptions in each eye which is very difficult to handle. Now we have specialized lenses that equalize the two eyes for comfortable, balanced vision like you have never experienced before. These lenses allow your eyes to work in tandem better than ever before!

We have a wide range of options for lens designs. Please visit the Shamir Website for more information:

Lens Warranty:
The lens warranty covers manufacturing defects, such as peeling coatings, but not damage induced by the wearer, such as abuse from rough handling, incorrect cleaning, etc. There is no scratch warranty on non-RX sunglass lenses.