National Sunglass Day – June 27, 2018

It’s Summer in Texas!  Anyone will tell you that they almost use their sunglasses more than there “real” glasses in the summertime.  And to contact lens wearers, good protective sunglasses are a necessity, not a luxury.

Everyone knows that UV protection is critical to normal aging in the skin around the eyes and also to protect the eye from harmful wavelengths that can lead to cataracts and even macular degeneration, a leading cause of permanent loss of vision which is more prevalent in the south and southwest areas of our country due to intensity of the sun.

What about dry eyes or dryness with contact lenses?  The sun’s radiation, including infrared (heat), can cause serious eye discomfort and even fatty growths on the eye from sun damage.  Not good.

This is National Sunglass Month. Time to update your sunglasses to the newest technologies.  What? You don’t have  sunglasses?  With all we know about how the sun damages our eyes, that doesn’t make sense.  Come in and let us help you!