Lori Borque, O.D.

​​​​​​​Lori Bourque, O.D.



Dr. Lori Bourque was born and raised in Louisiana. In search of a medical profession that provided a good work/life balance, she followed her dad’s advice, and began researching the field of optometry. With lots of studying and prayers, God paved the way to the University of Houston, College of Optometry in Houston Texas, where she would become an optometrist AND meet her future husband, Dr. John Wimbish.

In 1997, Dr. Bourque graduated and entered into a partnership with Dr. Thomas Ballard, owner of First Eye Care Dallas. Over the next 22 years, they focused on their mission -which was to treat patients and employees the way they’d wanted to be treated- and the practice expanded to 5 locations, 10 doctors and over 60 employees. In the meantime, John and Lori were busy and blessed, balancing their careers and raising three amazing children -Weston, Addison, and Aaron.

In 2020, Drs. Ballard and Bourque sold their practices, and Dr. Bourque jumped on board with AllenEye.com as soon as she could! She is thrilled that after 25 years of practicing, she finally gets to work with her husband, Dr. Wimbish, her optometry school classmate, Dr. Lollar, and the other wonderful associates in the practice.

Dr. Bourque enjoys learning about each of her patient’s interests and hobbies so that she can tailor her treatment recommendations to provide the clearest vision possible, & improve their quality of life. She is especially excited to serve within the community she lives. Being mindful that the gifts God has equipped her with are to be used, not only in providing the gift of sight, but also the gift of Him, she has and will continue to be “on mission” both locally and globally.