Contacts to help Nearsightedness in children

Multifocal Contact Lenses


Myopia Control

Nearsightedness is exploding all around the world. Kids are worsening at a faster rate than anytime in history due to factors such as increased use of devices, less time spent outdoors, and many other factors which have not yet been determined.  Research is being done to find ways to slow progression.

There are new “center distance” multifocal soft contact lenses that have been developed which research has determined can slow or halt myopia progression in many young patients.  There may also be some slowing of the progression in more traditional soft contact lens designs but for patients who can use the multifocal, there is a 50% improvement in this effect so we recommend it to all young patients whose prescription is still worsening each year.

Here is a more complete explanation of this valuable contact lens approach:


Drs. Lollar, Wimbish, and Vickers