Are your Children’s Eyes working too hard?

One of our great concerns at is to provide the best possible care for the children of our practice.  Our kids have perhaps more varied visual demands than in any previous generation and we understand that as we constantly thrive to take great care of their eyes for today and to help prevent issues as they grow up.


Are your kids active? Do they play sports?  There are thousands of visits to the Emergency Rooms nationwide related to eye injuries in children.  Did you know there are special sports specific glasses that can protect your little athlete?


Have any “gamers” in your house? Do your kids spend time every day on devices? Did you know these devices emit potentially harmful wavelengths of light that are absorbed 6 to 10 times more into a child’s eye than into your own?  We know this and we know how to advise you and how to use specific materials and coatings in the child’s eyewear to protect them.

Big changes in their eyes

Nearsightedness can progress rapidly in children. Did you know we can use eyedrops and certain contact lenses to slow or arrest these changes?  We can and we do but early detection is critical so even kids who pass their school screenings should be evaluated every single year.

Your children mean the world to our doctors and staff.  We sincerely appreciate your trust and will always do all we can to protect all of our young patients. After all, our kids come here too!